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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Era of Unity and Renewed Pride in America

America has spoken, and I am proud to say it spoke in as definitive and uniting a tone as the one Senator John McCain used in his gracious concession speech. Our dreams may exceed President-Elect Barack Obama's grasp. But the hope he has brought led to one of the most awe-inspiring scenes I have ever witnessed. The sea of diverse and beautiful faces celebrating at Grant Park last night was moving in its overwhelming emotional power. Let us hope this bodes well for the future of our country, and its place in the world.

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Joel Bocko said...

Though I've been obsessed with politics for much of the past year, I realized that the election itself, with its tight strategic game, everyone on edge, thinking self-consciously about what approach to take, often focused on trivia, was exhausting.

Election Night, from McCain's gracious and noble concession (the man, in some weird way, loves being a loser, and he's really good at it) to Obama's inspiring speech and the , was like a liberation. I think this is where it gets really intersting...and really tough.

(I considered doing a post on Obama's victory but instead left a comment on my "The Choice" post which sums up my thoughts. You can read it here: