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Friday, January 2, 2009

Out with 2008 and in with 2009

First thing's first. I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year. And thank you for helping make Cinema Viewfinder so successful in its first year. Here's a rundown of some things I thought you would be interested in: My Best and Worst lists - Everybody loves reading them. I have fun discussing them. So they're definitely on their way. As I've noticed in the last few weeks, a few of my top films for the year have only just recently opened. So the only reason I haven't addressed this yet is that there are still a few straggling 2008 films that have yet to open here in Atlanta that I want to give a fair shot to. As soon as I've seen those, the lists will be up for discussion. Upcoming Series - After the extremely successful launch of my Seventies Cinema Revival series, it's safe to say I'll be presenting more film retrospectives under that banner. But I also plan on starting a series on Italian cinema with career retrospectives on Pier Paolo Pasolini (Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma), and Luchino Visconti (Il Gattopardo), and with the hopes of getting to Bernardo Bertolucci (Il Conformista) as well. And one of these days I'll get back to continuing my Directed By series, if time allows. Thanks -As you may have noticed on the sidebar, some other sites have praised Cinema Viewfinder lately. I'd like to thank MovieMan0283 at The Dancing Image , Jon Swift at his eponymous blog, Jeremy Richey at Moon in the Gutter, and Tom Watson and his fellow writers at Newcritics for the plugs. I'd also like to thank T.S. at one of my favorite blogs, Screen Savour, for plugging my posts pretty often at his Sunday Matinee feature, as well as Monster7of9 at the Monster Scifi Show Blog who usually plugs any of my science-fiction related posts. Special thanks go to two of my favorite critics, Campaspe the Self-Styled Siren, and Glenn Kenny of Some Came Running for proving to be very accessible mentors in my new venture. Both have been extremely generous with their limited time whenever I've felt the need to call on them. Two sites that have given me opportunities to reach a larger audience should be mentioned, Blogcritics, and the LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs). Without them, I'd just be spitting in the wind. Finally, I'd like to encourage all of my readers to support my writing and my site in any or all of the following ways. First, if you need to purchase something at one of the sites advertised here, click on one of the ads to gain access through that portal. Secondly, subscribe to my posts and/or comments at the top left hand corner of the page. You can also become a follower by clicking on the link just below. Lastly, Cinema Viewfinder is updated regularly on Facebook as well, so become a fan of its Facebook page. Any little bit of support helps. For questions regarding advertising, press screenings, or anything else, I can be reached by email here. Please include your full name and hometown.


Joel Bocko said...

Thanks for the shout-out (and also for recommending Blogcritics to me; I've only posted there once so far but I plan on corralling a lot of my posts there in the new year).

I should be back up in a few days, as the visiting relatives disperse, my itch to return to blogging becomes irresistable, and things return to normal, but "normal" with a 2009 twist of course. Viva Obama (& all other harbingers of the new)!

Tony Dayoub said...

MovieMan, always glad to have you and your support, thank you.

T.S. said...

Thanks for the kind words, Tony. It's always a pleasure to suggest my readers (what readers I have!) check out the fine reviews here. I'm looking forward to reading, writing, debating, and cineaste-ing in '09.