Google+ Cinema Viewfinder: "...This is the greatest bar band in the land, and if they don't think we know 96 f***in' Tears..."

Monday, April 27, 2009

"...This is the greatest bar band in the land, and if they don't think we know 96 f***in' Tears..."

That statement was made by one Bruce Springsteen, 59, as his E Street Band then proceeded to tear down Atlanta's Philips Arena last night with an improvised rendition of this song: Springsteen's nearly 3-hour set last night was, in fact, noteworthy for its surprising amount of cover songs (you can find a full setlist after the jump), including two requests that, as the singer noted, seemed designed to stump the band. Maybe it was the fact that Springsteen's producer of late, Brendan O'Brien, was in the audience last night. Or maybe it was because he was missing wife Patti, absent due to an injury. But as the New Jersey phenom proved with his best show I've ever seen, this ain't no ordinary gang of musicians. Needless to say, my post for today on two Minnelli musicals new to Blu-ray will be delayed. But as I recover from the astounding evening that was had last night, in which my wife discovered she has a new crush to daydream about, I leave you with last night's program courtesy of Backstreets. Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena - April 26, 2009 Setlist: "Badlands" (Darkness on the Edge of Town - 1978) "Darkness on the Edge of Town" (Darkness on the Edge of Town) "Outlaw Pete" (Working on a Dream - 2009) "She's the One" (Born to Run - 1975) "Working on a Dream" (Working on a Dream) "Radio Nowhere" (with Jay Weinberg - son of E Street drummer Max - on drums) (Magic -2007) "Seeds" (w/ Jay Weinberg) (Live 1975-1985 - 1986) "Johnny 99" (w/ Jay Weinberg) (Nebraska - 1982) "The Ghost of Tom Joad" (w/ Jay Weinberg) (The Ghost of Tom Joad - 1995) "Raise Your Hand" (Live 1975-1985) "96 Tears" (? & the Mysterians) "Trapped" (Jimmy Cliff) "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" (The Rising - 2002) "The Promised Land" (Darkness on the Edge of Town) "The Wrestler" (Working on a Dream) "Jungleland" (Born to Run) "Kingdom of Days" (Working on a Dream) "Lonesome Day" (The Rising) "The Rising" (The Rising) "Born to Run" (Born to Run) * * * Break * * * "Hard Times" (Stephen Foster) "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" (Born to Run) "Land of Hope and Dreams" (w/ Jay Weinberg) (Live in New York City - 2001) "American Land" (w/ Jay Weinberg) (The Seeger Sessions: American Land Edition - 2001) "Detroit Medley" (Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels)


Kid In The Front Row said...

ah man, I love the boss.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Awesome...I wish I could have been there!

Tony Dayoub said...

It was great, Jeremy.