Google+ Cinema Viewfinder: De Palma Blog-A-Thon: directed by Brian De Palma

Sunday, September 13, 2009

De Palma Blog-A-Thon: directed by Brian De Palma

compiled by Joel Bocko

[Joel Bocko, otherwise known to most of you as MovieMan0283 of The Dancing Image, contributes a unique piece to the Blog-A-Thon that comments on some of the more disturbing recurring motifs in his favorite De Palma films. Joel proves that he is as skilled at putting images together as he is doing the same with words. Be forewarned: because of some of the imagery, this piece is definitely NSFW.]

This is a video tribute to Mr. De Palma and an examination of his thematic and stylistic obsessions. It runs about seven and a half minutes, and contains footage from my three favorite De Palma films: Hi, Mom!, Carrie, and Scarface, which were released, roughly, with seven years between each film. Hope you enjoy the piece.


Joel Bocko said...

Tony - thanks again for giving me this opportunity. I really enjoyed putting this together, however traumatizing it may have been! (Incidentally, given the material at hand I was actually kind of surprised how little nudity and gore was used!)

My only question: "NSFW?"

Not safe for ...?

Adam Zanzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony Dayoub said...

NSFW=Not Safe For Work

Don't worry my lack of fluency with this here Internet thing had me catching up to the lingo, too (it took me a while to learn that one).

Joel Bocko said...

Ha ha - I was thinking the same thing, Adam, but I didn't want to go there!

"Not safe for work" - Good call, Tony, though I kind of feel videos in general are unsafe for work unless you are locked away in your own office...

However, if anyone does misconstrue that warning and play this at work, please share war stories here. I will be quite amused, if properly apologetic.

Joel Bocko said...

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