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Monday, February 1, 2010

TV Review at The House Next Door: Caprica - "Rebirth"

by Tony Dayoub

Those interested in Friday's Caprica episode, "Rebirth," the first of its weekly hourlong entries, can read my recap, up now at The House Next Door. "Rebirth" should be on heavy rotation this week on the Syfy Channel.


Troy Olson said...

Hmm, your recap at least has me intrigued. I was a huge fan of BSG, but completely forgot about CAPRICA starting up. A nighttime soap as filtered through BSG, with all of the philosophical and religious undertones that came with it, sure does sound like an interesting take, if nothing else.

I told myself I wouldn't start any new shows, as time is short and I still have FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS to catch up on, so I think I'll keep up with your recaps over the next few weeks to see if it's worth catching up on later...

Oh, and good to know there is another TV watcher amongst the movie bloggers!

Tony Dayoub said...

Troy, when you have kids TV is just a far easier option. But seriously, some of the best cinematic work is being done on TV right now. I'm blown away by BAND OF BROTHERS a recent classic I'm only catching now for the first time.

I am also trying to quit watching so much of the boob tube because it's so time consuming but with great shows like BIG LOVE, LOST, and SONS OF ANARCHY, and even great cheese like 24, HUMAN TARGET, and THE OFFICE, it's hard not to get caught up in all of these shows.

By the way, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS' Scott Porter just joined CAPRICA's cast this last episode.

Troy Olson said...

Wow, I just realized LOST starts tomorrow, doesn't it. My wife and I have pared things down to LOST, CHUCK, BURN NOTICE, THE SOUP and the Thursday night comedies right now (plus some wife specific shows like THE GOOD WIFE and BEING ERICA, which gives me time to blog while we watch).

We actually haven't started FNL yet, but have all the seasons ready to watch on DVD and the most recent season on the DVR. Outside of my weekly wrestling viewing (it's a disease), I don't have any shows I'm watching by myself right now -- BREAKING BAD is coming back soon though, right?

I passed on HUMAN TARGET as I already watch BURN NOTICE (and because I'm a fan of the comic I know I'll complain about it "not living up" to the source). 24 came and went in our house, but those first four seasons were a blast to watch with friends. I know I'll be catching up on SONS OF ANARCHY at some point, as I've heard tons of great stuff about it.

BAND OF BROTHERS is amazing, amazing stuff. I can count on one hand the number of non-real life things that have made me shed a tear in my adult life, and BAND was one of those moments.

I really should blog more about TV -- I love it, but it takes some practice to get good at writing about it as it's a bit of a different beast than movies. Ah well, I guess it took me a while to feel comfortable about writing about movies...I'll add more TV blogging to my ever expanding list.

Tony Dayoub said...

You ain't kidding. Blogging about TV is much more difficult than blogging about film.

HUMAN TARGET is at least as good as the original comics were before they got more complex with the schizo nature of Christopher Chance. Plus the music is by BSG's Bear McCreary and it is fantastic.

If I could recommend only one TV show currently on the air, it'd be SONS OF ANARCHY. Don't wait too long to catch up with that one.

PS: I haven't watched wrestling since Rowdy Roddy Piper went up against Hulk Hogan back in the day.