Google+ Cinema Viewfinder: Sunday Interlude With Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Interlude With Sleeping Beauty (1959)

by Tony Dayoub

Happy Sunday. I caught Inception yesterday, so I'll have some thoughts on it in my next post. In the meantime, today's post is inspired by Tom and Mary Russell, two Michigan filmmakers who I follow on Twitter (@tomandmary). Of Sleeping Beauty, they recently tweeted:
It is the greatest animated film that Disney ever made: the apex of their artistry. Beyond beautiful. A formalist's delight.
Then subsequently:
Hey: my CPU can't do DVD screen captures. Would someone be willing to grab some specific SLEEPING BEAUTY shots for me & help a blogger out?
Since I am in complete agreement about Disney's underrated, ethereal classic, and because it serves as the perfect bridge between my look at The Red Shoes (1948) and Inception (all three of which share similar concerns)... Tom and Mary, here is a look at Sleeping Beauty.


Jason Bellamy said...

You know I've never seen this movie. But those are some stunning screenshots. It's going on the list!

Tony Dayoub said...

Thanks for giving it a chance, Jason. Often ignored as a simple children's fantasy, SLEEPING BEAUTY bears quite a dark streak.

Chris said...

Just stunning - this is one the few films I upgraded from my DVD to Blu-ray. As as kid it was always my favorite for the simple reason it featured a prince that did more than just appear to kiss the girl. A gorgeous visual palette that doesn't try to be too realistic (unlike Cinderella which I always tie this together with), it's now my son's favorite Disney film as well.

Great choices in your captures, Tony!