Google+ Cinema Viewfinder: Cronenberg Blogathon: Heading into the Head

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cronenberg Blogathon: Heading into the Head

by Greg Ferrara

[Greg Ferrara brings his keen eye for composition—often in evidence both at Cinema Styles and Unexplained Cinema among other places—to the blogathon with a look at a disturbing image from Scanners]


Adam Zanzie said...

I had forgotten these images. Thanks for posting, Greg.

Thing is, though, I think the reason why these images escaped my memory is because most of Scanners as a whole has escaped me by now. I've searched all around for any stirring defenses of the movie and have found zilch. It's easily one of Cronenberg's more forgettable pictures.

Tony Dayoub said...

I just saw SCANNERS for the first time (it's currently on Netflix Instant) one of only three Cronenberg films I hadn't seen in its entirety. It really is a fun film.

Lack is not the most compelling hero, but the gorgeous Jennifer O'Neill more than makes up for it looking lustrous even while forgoing any vanity and allowing her gray hair to show through. Patrick McGoohan is great as a variation on Oliver Reed's doctor from THE BROOD. And of course there's the great Michael Ironside. The film itself evokes the feeling of a Marvel Comics book come to life.