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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blu-ray Review: Alice in Wonderland (1951) at Nomad Editions: Wide Screen

by Tony Dayoub

Sometimes the two hats one wears can be at rather stark odds with each other. In the case of Disney animated films, being a cinephile and being a parent of very young children can provide some interesting counterpoints. The 60th-anniversary edition of Alice in Wonderland (1951), released in a high-def Blu-ray/DVD combo pack for the first time last week, proves to be a great example. On the one hand, the inclusion of rather superfluous features for the kiddies can seem like a space-waster, even given the volume of memory available on a Blu-ray disc. But on the other hand, the film’s brilliant transfer provides a glorious demonstration of the heights that a dedicated DVD production team can reach with not just a relatively old film but the now-dying art of hand-drawn animation.



Sam Juliano said...

Well, it's another tempting purchase and I have kids here to enjoy it's glories too in this high-def transcription.

Just got my Warner Archives copies of INTRUDER IN THE DUST and THE LEARNING TREE today. I'm sure you are there with those as well. The former of course is Clarence Brown's most important film and a masterwork of sorts.

Tony Dayoub said...

I plan on writing up THE LEARNING TREE here on Thursday, and tie it into an upcoming piece on Warner Archive which should be appearing elsewhere that day.

Sam Juliano said...

Excellent! I'll be looking forward to that review!