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Monday, March 26, 2012

TV Review: Luck: Episode 9, Series Finale

by Tony Dayoub

Go back to the first episode of Luck and you'll see how much is made of a little goat (known for his giant testicles) that hangs out in Turo's (John Ortiz) barn. Though the goat is mostly used as a form of comic relief in that episode, Turo is quick to point out that the critter is a necessary inhabitant of his barn because the horses like him. One can speculate about whether Turo is unnaturally attuned to the thoroughbreds he trains or if this assertion stems from a superstition revolving around chance. But in last night's series finale, the disappearance of the goat takes on a metaphoric importance.



Aden Jordan said...

'Luck' was a very good series while it lasted, and you did an excellent job of covering each episode.

There was a worthwhile interview with Michael Mann and F.X. Feeney (who wrote the Taschen book on Mann) in the recent 'DGA Quarterly' magazine. In his interviews, Mr. Mann comes across as very intelligent and sincere.

bigmamou said...

Mr. Dayoub - Nathan Israel's corpse was not discovered in the last episode of Luck.....the body in the morgue was not Nathan! should have mentioned how gorgeous Weronika Rosati is!

Tony Dayoub said...

That Rosati is gorgeous is indisputable, so I wasn't aware it needed mention. Sometimes some comments just don't fit with the theme of a piece.

As for Israel, I suggest you watch the show again. The only reason Ace and Gus shake their heads when identifying the body is so they won't get caught up in any attendant legal rigamarole associated with Israel's gruesome murder. But it's clear that, despite the horror of seeing Nathan's decapitated head (notice how it's positioned), Ace and Gis are relieved to have this mystery answered.

Furthermore, on a basic thematic level, it serves as the motivation behind Ace's overprotective-ness of his grandson, Brent. Nathan and Brent are linked by their youth and naïveté, and both serve as Ace's surrogate sons. So if Mike could do this to Nathan, what might he have in store for Brent, Ace believes.