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Saturday, February 1, 2014

RIP Maximilian Schell

by Tony Dayoub

"Now, when you have my letter in your hand, a beautiful day is coming for you. I will be with you, proud, because I knew such recognition would come one day, leading to something even greater and better... not only because you are close to me but because I count you among the truly great actors, and it is wonderful that besides that you are my brother."
- a letter from the actor's equally talented sister, actress Maria Schell, after he won the New York Film Critics Circle award for his Oscar-winning performance in Judgment at Nuremberg

Recommended Films - Judgment at Nuremberg, Topkapi, The Deadly Affair, The Black Hole, The Freshman, Deep Impact

And an even better list of movies I haven't seen but should: The Young Lions, The Odessa File, Cross of Iron, Julia, Little Odessa, John Carpenter's Vampires
As director: First Love, The Pedestrian, Marlene, My Sister Maria


Citizen Screen said...

Great read and tribute to a great talent, Tony.


Tony Dayoub said...

Thanks, Aurora. I only wish I knew more about him. Filmmaker, concert pianist and more, it seems like Schell was blessed with a bounty of talent.