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Friday, February 1, 2008

TCM's 31 Days of Oscar: Best Month of the Year

by Tony Dayoub

If you love cinema, this is the best month of the year. The Oscars are broadcast on the third Sunday in February (used to be March). But the dark cloud of the writer's strike looms over the Academy Awards this year. So you owe it to yourself to celebrate your love of film by catching even a few of the wealth of good films that encompass the 31 Days of Oscar on TCM.

I admit that I don't watch it as much as I should, but Turner Classic Movies is my favorite channel. Maybe it's because some of the catchier, more addictive TV can be found on some of the other channels. TCM is more of the classy bottle of champagne to the "tastes great, less filling" beer that is the norm on TV. But if you ever want an education on film, and can't afford the tuition to film school, just watch TCM.

And there is no better time to watch than February. Every year, as the Oscars approach, they broadcast only Oscar-nominated or Oscar-winning movies for 31 days, starting February 1st. Today!

Schedule of films

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