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Thursday, April 10, 2008

DVD Review: Juno: Two-Disc Special Edition - Irreverent Oscar-Nominated Gem Packed with Special Features

by Tony Dayoub

Juno is an irreverent little gem that I talked about earlier this year (for a review of the film follow this link). It amusingly follows some of the situations encountered by a high-school girl who gets pregnant and decides to offer the baby to a young couple looking to adopt. It was nominated for four Academy Awards, and Diablo Cody won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. The film will be available Tuesday, April 15, on Blu-ray and single or two-disc standard DVD. If you enjoyed the film, then you'll love the DVD. Packed with special features, I really recommend the two-disc version (Blu-ray has all of this one's features and a few extra).

The commentary by Cody and director Jason Reitman is humorous and informative. Cody gives insight about the inspiration for certain elements in the film. For example, since she is part of a blended family herself, she was determined to show that blended families could be just as great as traditional ones. Reitman concentrates more on some of the technical or casting info. But he does concede that a lot of the "expectant parents" elements were informed by his personal experience, having just become a father himself. Cody and Reitman seem to have a genuine rapport in the commentary that exemplifies the teamwork they must have brought to the production.

Their are some other standout special features. I found the documentary on Diablo Cody (not on the single disc DVD) interesting. I was skeptical of her given what a colorful background she has as a former stripper who blogged about her experiences. However, after seeing the short featurette I found her to be very charming. I hope that this is the beginning of her long career, and that she isn't a one-hit wonder. The deleted scenes are fun to watch, especially if you're a fan of Cody's dialogue. But I can understand why they were cut. A little of that goes a long way, and I feel that including these scenes would have made the movie overlong and precious. Definitely check out the scenes, "Mrs. Rancik" and "Cafe Tristé" for some more of Cody's Juno-isms. Some other fun trifles include the gag reel, and the "cast and crew jam" which shows pretty much everyone involved with the film, dancing or air-guitaring to a rocking tune (which I hate to admit I don't recognize). Also exclusive to the two-disc DVD is a digital copy of the film you can download.

All in all, a very complete package for an Oscar-nominated movie. I'm glad that the studio didn't follow the current trend of rushing out a disc only to turn around a year later and upgrade it to a collector's edition.

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