Google+ Cinema Viewfinder: Happy Valentine's Day From Sailor and Lula

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day From Sailor and Lula

In answer to Glenn Kenny's Facebook query, "...what's your favorite V-Day image?" after posting his own right here.


Joel Bocko said...

I am not very enamored of Wild at Heart - it's one of the few Lynch films I find too self-satisfied.

But I can't deny it looks gorgeous...

Tony Dayoub said...

Maybe, but Sailor and Lula are definitely one of my favorite movie couples.

Anonymous said...

Well, "Love me tender!" I'm glad that even Valentine's Day can be associated with Lynch.

Unknown said...

"Rockin' good news!"

I love this film too. It is, without a doubt, David Lynch's most romantic film with stunning cinematography and a vibrant color scheme to go with the larger than life characters.

José Sinclair said...

Not a bad film, but perhaps overrated (? - was it rated highly? don't think so..)

has some great lines ("you got me hottern georgia asphault!") and some wretched excesses, typical of Lynch! (Willem Dafoe's teeth for one)

"Rockin good news, Peanut!" - great reusable line..

"You better find me some music!"

later - Jman