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Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Cool to Be a Trekkie Again!

Okay, well Bill's smile above notwithstanding, not really, since it was never "cool" to begin with. But at least I can take my command insignia T-shirt out of the closet after a surprisingly successful opening weekend. I think Star Trek has the legs that Wolverine has already proven to lack. Anyway, Cinema Viewfinder is all Trekked out even if I'm not... and you're not, as this week's articles attracted the most readers this site has ever gotten in the U.S. I still owe you a Star Trek review from the fanboy perspective, which I'll be bringing you in the coming days. This will be in a format that is a first for the site, a 2-part podcast in which I participated along with hosts Monster and Mr. Gene of the Monster Scifi Show Blog. However, with the exception of that last gasp of fanboy geekiness, Cinema Viewfinder is going back to the same eclectic mix of films it has always featured. More on our upcoming features after the jump. Want movie reviews? I have some on the latest films, coming your way including, Angels & Demons, Drag Me to Hell, Little Ashes, Terminator Salvation, and Valentino: The Last Emperor. Also, I've got some nice home video releases I'll be tacking a look at, like The Friends of Eddie Coyle, The Last House on the Left, and Vanishing Point, which will all be discussed in new installments of my regular feature, Seventies Cinema Revival. The next installment of my Pasolini retrospective will cover Mamma Roma, and you should see that next week. And finally, for all of you David Lynch fans, I'll be looking at Mulholland Drive as part of Film for the Soul's ongoing analysis of the best movies of the 2000s in Counting Down the Zeroes. Anything else you want to see here? Drop me a line, and tell me about it. Come back this evening for Lissette Decos' take on Isabella Rossellini's short film series, Green Porno.

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Joel Bocko said...

Very much looking forward to Mamma Roma and Mulholland Drive...