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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Criterion Blu-ray Sale at Amazon

I've never plugged any of my advertisers directly, but this was too good a deal not to. Those who are interested in stocking up on the fine Criterion Blu-rays available now (and even some you can pre-order) should hurry to Amazon where you can get most of them for as low as $19.99 (for a limited time, I'm sure). These normally retail in the neighborhood of $39.95. Roman Polanski's Repulsion (there's a link to it on my sidebar) is my top recommendation, but other movie include Chungking Express, Seventh Seal, Last Year at Marienbad, and many others. If you're a Blu-ray connoisseur, you owe it to yourself to stock up on these now.

1 comment:

James Hansen said...

Makes me wish I had more money and wasn't spending what I do have going to LA next month! Argh!