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Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Back

Whew. What a week. My absence was not intentional, I assure you. First, my youngest son, was sick. Since I'm the one who stays home, I had to care for the poor little guy. As he got better, I caught what he had, and that laid me up for the remainder of the week. So now I'm back. In the coming days you should see some reviews for current films like Moon and The Kreutzer Sonata, a special drive-in double feature edition of Seventies Cinema Revival spotlighting The Last House on the Left (1972), Vanishing Point (1971), and some special stuff, like my contribution for the year 2003 at Counting Down the Zeroes/Film for the Soul, and the way overdue next installment of my Pasolini Retrospective, Mamma Roma (1962). Of course, there are other surprises. I just can't tell you about them yet because they haven't been finalized. Thanks for your continued support, and I hope to have something up later today or tomorrow morning. P.S. Can anyone guess what movie the screen capture is from? This one's easy.


Unknown said...

"Can anyone guess what movie the screen capture is from? This one's easy."

I'll take a wild stab and say CARRIE?

Tony Dayoub said...

Congratulations, J.D.!

The fact that it took so long for someone to chime in with the answer either doesn't speak well about my readership or about the breadth of film knowledge that exists in the blogosphere today. I'm guessing it's not the latter.