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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guess Why Young Lucille Bluth Is So Happy?

by Tony Dayoub

Jessica Walter in The Group (1966)

No, it's not because there is definitive word of an Arrested Development theatrical release.  And that isn't really Lucille, just the fetching young Jessica Walter, at the start of her career, playing the catty Libby in Sidney Lumet's The Group. It is one of nine discs I look at this week at Wide Screen in a brief consumer guide on all of the made-on-demand (MOD) collections sprouting up everywhere. I've been frustrated at the lack of information available comparing the quality of the various MOD lines (outside of the widely promoted Warner Archive). So I took it upon myself to create a central repository in which to discuss which collections give you the most bang for your buck, have the most interesting selections, and look and sound the best. I even throw links to sites where you can purchase discs from each of the lines (you can find those at the back of the issue). Now, you have a practical reason to start your free trial subscription.

Comment here on what you liked, anything I missed, or what I could have done better.


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