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Thursday, March 24, 2011

MIA since Out of Sight: Jennifer Lopez, Actress

by Tony Dayoub

Where is the actress who worked with Francis Ford Coppola, Bob Rafelson, and Oliver Stone, and seemed on the verge of something greater as US Marshal Karen Sisco in Steven Soderbergh's Elmore Leonard adaptation? March's Blu-ray release of Out of Sight (1998) is occasion for me to lament the disappearance of bright, rising star Jennifer Lopez (replaced full-time by pop star, J.Lo) from any challenging dramas.



Craig said...

It's a shame Soderbergh has grown so bored with the fundamentals of making movies (now interested only - and barely - in "form"), since he's coaxed some terrific performances out of actors from whom you never knew had it in them, Lopez included.

thevoid99 said...

Jennifer Lopez did have promise and I don't know what happened.

She suddenly became selfish and vain as an actress. I love Out of Sight yet she's never done anything that I liked after that.

There was a period where she tried to get herself into serious acting again and it failed. My parents and I rented El Cantante because they're salsa fans. Man, it was bad.

It wasn't just a bad bio-pic but there was really no one to care for and at times, my parents were laughing unintentionally.

J-Lo then claimed she should've been nominated for an Oscar for that performance. Honey, she was just over-the-top and going "me, me, me" throughout the film.

Then there's Bordertown that went straight-to-DVD following a horrific reception at the 2007 Berlin Film Festival. Whoo, that stunk bad and she's a Latina yet her Spanish sounded so awkward.

All I was thinking of, wait a minute, is this the same actress from My Family/Mi Familia and why does she sound so bad in Spanish though she's playing an Latin-American trying to speak Spanish?

It really felt awkward. I think whatever potential she had years ago was wasted by having her become a brand.

Simon Abrams said...

You should try ANGEL EYES. It's not an especially good film but J.Lo Acts in it.

Tom said...

she could stay out of sight as far as Im concerned.