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Monday, September 12, 2011

RIP Cliff Robertson

by Tony Dayoub

"The year you win an Oscar is the fastest year in a Hollywood actor's life. Twelve months later they ask, 'Who won the Oscar last year?'"
-The often overlooked, but never forgotten, Cliff Robertson, Oscar
winner for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Charly (1968)

Recommended Films - Picnic, Gidget, Underworld U.S.A., PT 109, Sunday in New York, Charly, J.W. Coop, The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid, Three Days of the Condor, Obsession, Star 80, Brainstorm, Spider-Man

Recommended TV - The Twilight Zone: "A Hundred Yards over the Rim" and "The Dummy," Batman: "Come Back, Shame" and "It's How You Play the Game,"


Dan O. said...

RIP Uncle Ben, you will be missed.

Dusty said...

Truly a loss. A great actor...and don't sell him short in the writer/director category either.

le0pard13 said...

You put together a fine list of the man's work, Tony. That's as a fine tribute that any performer could ask for. We'll miss Cliff Robertson. He and his work stand the test of time. May he rest in peace.

ClassicBecky said...

I read about and commented upon Robertson's death on another blog, but wanted to acknowledge your tribute as well. I always loved Cliff Robertson, and thought it a shameful thing that he was robbed of prime career years because he was an honest man who incurred the wrath of a dishonest man backed by an equally liable system.

If only for his incredible performance in "Charlie" Robertson has a place in movie history. However, your list reminds all of us that he did excellent work. A well-deserved tribute, Tony.