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Saturday, November 5, 2011

RIP Cynthia Myers

by Tony Dayoub

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“Russ had contacted Playboy’s publicity department in Chicago, specifically asking for Cynthia Myers. But even though he and Hef were old friends, the magazine didn’t seem to make an effort to put us in touch, or it just slipped off someone's desk. I’ve been told that I’m the prototype of a Russ Meyer girl. When we met, I said, ‘I guess I’m your kind of girl, huh?’ And he just gave out a big belly laugh and said, ‘I’m glad to finally meet you. Cynthia Myers--that’s a pretty good last name, isn’t it?’"

- Cynthia Myers, December 1968 Playmate of the Month, on her first meeting with the director who would immortalize her in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)


le0pard13 said...

Sorry to hear of her passing. She was one of the iconic beauties of my youth. May she rest in peace.

djdave said...

Cynthia is forever my fav playmate.
I was blessed to see her on film.
her admirers are legion.what a woman,
what an angel!!

Anonymous said...

I was stunned to hear of the passing of Cynthia. I thought she was the greatest. I regret that she was not in more movies so that the world who didn't see 1968 could see in movies. She was so sweet -- we corresponded some -- and so dependable. I'm sorry6 I never got to meet her in person. The world is at a loss.