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Thursday, January 6, 2011

American Movie(s)

by Tony Dayoub

Criterion's latest box (available on Blu-ray and DVD), America Lost and Found: The BBS Story, is a wonderfully curated set that rewards both those unfamiliar with Seventies-era American cinema and those well versed in its behind-the-scenes accounts of the near incestuous repertory company which was at its vanguard. BBS Productions was led by producer Bert Schneider, director Bob Rafelson, and former booking agent/manager Steve Blauner. As the studio system quickly faded away, and America's youth counterculture began to take hold, the independent BBS had virtual free rein from their partners at Columbia Pictures to produce films that often captured the malaise of the period, opening the door for mainstream cinema to incorporate an unprecedented realism. This freedom was earned chiefly by BBS's success with some unlikely films like the existential biker film, Easy Rider, or the elegiac The Last Picture Show.



Porky said...

That's got my attention. The word 'malaise' sums up the mood of much of the time, which can be a stark and sometimes grim reality, or unreality.

Movielocker said...

Thanks for the tip- I´ll take a look at it. Can still remember the first time I saw "Easy Rider" and "Five Easy Pieces"- what a blast! Will dive back into soon.
I also write for a blog, come and visit if you like- it´s mainly about indie stuff, I write about all sorts of flicks Im stumbling about...
Have a nice day, best