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Sunday, January 16, 2011

RIP Susannah York

by Tony Dayoub

"I hated that appellation, ['film star,'] I was an actor. I did not want to have an image, be seen as the blue-eyed, golden-haired ingénue. Being a 'star' seemed to lock you into an image and I was always frightened of that because I knew I would disappoint people. I knew I wouldn't be like that and I didn't want them to get the wrong end of the stick so early on."

Recommended Films - Freud, Tom Jones, A Man for All Seasons, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, Images, Superman: The Movie, Superman II (theatrical cut)


Richard Bellamy said...

Boy, I had a thing for her when I was in high school in the 60s. She looks smashing in her bloomers and an RAF jacket in a bedroom scene with Christopher Plummer in Battle of Britain and she's very sexy in an obscure comedy/heist movie called Duffy (1968). Then she turns around and does a telling performance in They Shoot Horses. She was great!

Tony Dayoub said...

Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't know her work well enough to give her a larger write-up. I am most curious about her performance in what I heard is a genuinely frightening film, THE SHOUT.